Monday, March 31, 2008

A Ray-Finned Fish Known for Its Fearsome Appearance

Anyone who's seen an episode of the old Batman TV show knows that onomatopoeia is.

I wonder if there is a term to describe a word the sound of which is especially descriptive of that word's tenor, tone, or connotation.

Like barracuda.

Max Mosley, Champion

Max Mosley doesn't screw around. He knows that if you're going to do something, you do it to the extreme.

You really have to admire the severity of the guy's conviction. Mosley saw McGreevey and Spitzer and said, "children." There can be only one at the top, one irrefutable champion, and now everyone knows: It's Max Mosley.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Awesomeness... too severe... cannot type.... at normal rate

I'm proud of Jersey City not despite of its shortcomings but because of them
some, anyway. I don't like the attitude that leads to the litter on the downtown strip, but it gives the city a more complete character: Yeah, we've got our problems, but who doesn't? You go into Hoboken and it's like Disneyland, only more expensive. Ironically, these annoyances make JC feel more welcoming because you don't have to go far to reach "the real" Jersey City. When you take in our rough edges and the extremely disparate neighborhoods, classes, and art throughout the city, you realize you've got one of the most interesting places in the country.

JC has a lot more rust than this Beetle, but they both have a lot of personality (and JC moves a little faster). Although the farting catback exhausts on the first-gen Altimas around here let you know you're in JC, the guys driving them could learn something from this Bug.

The owner of Der Hooplevagen may be trying to make his own, more modest version of Coop's 1929 Tudor Sedan.