Monday, May 12, 2008

Abandoning Disbelief, or Why We're Here.

There's few things we at Skyrocket Penguin find more entertaining than utter ridiculousness presented with an unqualified expectation on the part of the presenter that we, the audience, take it seriously (see High Five, below, for a perfect example).

Our fondness for all things quixotic is what borne the blog: Penguins might skyrocket when our backs are turned, just as windmills might be giants. If you just ignore your disbelief (if you're only suspending it, try a little harder) either is possible.

This enthusiasm of ours may have been planted in our minds by this music video for You Can Call Me Al when we were the most impressionable of youths. The guy on the left is Paul Simon, the song's writer and singer. I don't know the guy on the right, but I think he once took a European vacation.

It's the nuances that make us laugh hardest: Keep your eye on the glass of water, then the piccolo.