Saturday, April 12, 2008

Memo to Mary Kay


To: Mary Kay, Mary Kay Incorporated

From: Sent Jointly by The Employees of the Cadillac Brand, General Motors; The Cadillac Owners Club of America; Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson; Tim Gunn, Liz Claiborne Inc.; The American Civil Liberties Union; The American Family Association; The Beach Boys; The United States Coalition of Gas Station Franchise Owners; Wayne Newton; The United States Conference of Mayors; Mary E. Peters, Secretary, the U.S. Department of Transportation; The United States House of Representatives; The United States Senate; The Office of the President of the United States of America

Re: Hurting America

Mary Kay:

With few exceptions, pink Cadillacs ceased being appropriate forms of transportation in 1959, and as your salespeople are neither Elvis Presley nor Wayne Newton, we strongly encourage you to revise your company car policy.

Cadillacs are available in a variety of colors that will both avoid defiling the highways, byways, and thoroughfares of our great nation and allow your salespeople to do their jobs with their dignity intact.

It is both in your best interest and ours to discontinue polluting our culture. We ask that you please take action in this matter so we do not have to.

The Employees of the Cadillac Brand, General Motors; et al

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