Saturday, June 2, 2007

Welcome to Skyrocket Penguin

I've got this crazy idea that everything we imagine actually happens. I can't explain this and even if I could, you probably wouldn't want to read through the explanation.

An example: I believe that penguins can fly. I think they're fooling us, and further, I think they enjoy having fun at our expense.

I have no empirical evidence whatsoever to support this belief. It's absurd.

For a long time, the laws of physics could not explain how hummingbirds fly. They are exceptional creatures; heart rates of 1,200 beats per minute, twisting their wings 180 degrees and flapping them 70 times per second. These are achievements of engineering and physics without peer. Nothing else works and flies like a hummingbird.

So while it is outside of the scope of reason that penguins can fly, it is just barely within the scope of reason that hummingbirds can.

I'm willing to go that extra distance, just for the fun of believing that these evolutionary ridiculous, swimming birds can skyrocket beyond our beliefs.

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Brian said...

You may be right. Check out the BBC's stunning exclusive footage of how penguins truly behave.

Youtube Link

(For the humor impaired, that is indeed an April 1st production)